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Your Success Begins With Us

College of Arts and Letters

The College of Arts and Letters is a place where theory meets practice and expression meets experience. Guided by faculty who are talented artists and distinguished scholars, students come to CAL to study everything from fleeting 140-character tweets to enduring works of classic literature. The College is home to eight collaborative and innovative academic departments: Art and Design, Communication, English and Writing, Film, Animation and New Media, Languages and Linguistics, Music, Philosophy and Religion, and Theatre and Dance.


As a community of scholars and artists, the College of Arts and Letters engages in cutting-edge creative work, technological innovation, critical scholarly practice, and engagement with diverse communities. Collectively we affirm the value and importance of the arts and humanities in contributing to a more rewarding and just life. The eight academic departments of the College of Arts and Letters value theory, practice, and cultural and historical awareness. We encourage students, staff and faculty to be creative, innovative, and discerning. In classrooms, studios, laboratories and venues across campus and across the globe, students and faculty work collaboratively to become effective communicators, ethical decision-makers, and expressive meaning-makers who embody thought in action.

Small Classroom Sizes

Small classroom sizes allow for the best experience with professors and other students.

Demonstrate Your Skills

Show an audience your hard work at art exhibits and live performances. Check out the university calendar for dates, times, and tickets.


The program guides you in creating a strong portfolio and effectively prepares you for the future.

What Our Students Say

Lexi Gardner

B.A. in Design, Double Minors in Advertising and Public Relations 

"In my time with the Design program I have grown so much as an artist and as a professional. The faculty are so knowledgeable and really push students to create the best work that they possibly can. They have helped me to create a portfolio of work that I am very proud of and prepared me for working in the design field.” 

Maggie Sperry

B.A in Writing, Double Minors in Professional and Technical Writing and Law, Justice, and Advocacy

"I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such a talented community of writers within the English Department-- faculty and students alike. I am constantly motivated, inspired and humbled to be around so many individuals with the same passion as myself. I am also incredibly grateful for the additional learning opportunities offered by the university. These learning experiences are memorable and invaluable."

Jason Slaht

B.F.A. in Theater, Minor in Music

“This department is truly something special. It is filled with amazingly talented people and I grow just by working with them and watching them perform. While it is extremely competitive, our department pushes past the competition in order to promote a sense of support. The people I've met here are always building up their peers, setting them up for success which can be pretty rare find in this line of work.”

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